Welcome to my travel blog and Latin American adventure

For those who might not know me, my name is Peter Jenner. I normally live on the outskirts of the city of London, UK. I am currently the Vicar of St. Christopher’s Church, Hinchley Wood, but maybe my heart is beginning to feel like it lives somewhere else.

I would like to thank you for visiting this site, and for the opportunity to share with you information about a place I have grown to love, and to share my experience of travelling in a place with a very different culture and life than we have here in England.

I have visited Ecuador in 2016 and 2019, which were more holiday trips. However, the main content of this site comes from my travels in 2022, when I was granted a period of Extended Leave (often called a Sabbatical) to spend some time in reflection and refreshment.

My interest in Ecuador has been prompted by another star character in this story of adventure. I am married to Ines.  Ines is Ecuadorian, born and bred, although she has lived in the UK for over 25 years.  I have inherited a large Ecuadorian family and we enjoy visiting our family and relatives living in Ecuador.

This site contains a collection of resources that I have pulled together. There will be lots of content which is actually the work of others. I hope no-one will be offended and as much as I am able I will try to credit my sources. I hope the content will be a little more than a journey through my holiday snaps, but you will forgive me if the same few people appear quite often.