The journeys and discoveries of Peter Jenner

  • The National Strike (PARO)
    You may have read that Ecuador is experiencing a National Strike (PARO in Spanish, meaning stop), which has been called by an Indigenous Organisation called CONAIE. While it is not for me to comment on the reasons behind this protest, or indeed the response of the authorities or the government, I can give witness to… Read more: The National Strike (PARO)
  • Be Careful Of The MAYONNAISE
    The standard advice for any traveler is to be careful of the food, don’t drink the water, and be prepared for an upset stomach at some point during your travels. I can’t tell you what it was that caused me to get quite ill, but for a few days I could not eat much without… Read more: Be Careful Of The MAYONNAISE
  • Sunday 19th June 2022
    We returned to St. Christopher Episcopal Mission on Sunday 12th June for another Eucharist. We were celebrating the feast of the Trinity and it was a lovely service. Unfortunately, no-one took any photos. Our final service in Cuenca was on Sunday 19th June. We had planned to also have a Eucharist on Sunday 26th June,… Read more: Sunday 19th June 2022
  • Sunday 5th June 2022
    We had planned that June would be an opportunity to visit the city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Cuenca is in the South of Ecuador, on the Sierra, and is known for it’s climate which is often described as “Eternal Spring”. For many years Cuenca has been a retirement destination for people from the USA and Europe… Read more: Sunday 5th June 2022
  • Sunday 22nd May 2022
    So this Sunday I decided to venture a bit further to the south of Quito to visit the mission parish of El Buen Pastor (The Good Shepherd). From my research the trip should take about one hour in a taxi, so I was up nice and early to take an Uber. I had had quite… Read more: Sunday 22nd May 2022
  • Consecration of Bishop Juan Carlos Quiñonez Mera
    On Tuesday 17th May 2022, I was privileged to attend the celebration of the consecration of the new Bishop of Ecuador Central, Rev’d Juan Carlos Quiñonez Mera. The new bishop is from the province of Esmeraldas, which while being a coastal province of Ecuador, it is in the Central Diocese of the Episcopal Church. The… Read more: Consecration of Bishop Juan Carlos Quiñonez Mera