Be Careful Of The MAYONNAISE

The standard advice for any traveler is to be careful of the food, don’t drink the water, and be prepared for an upset stomach at some point during your travels. I can’t tell you what it was that caused me to get quite ill, but for a few days I could not eat much without throwing up and had diarrhea which kept me close to a bathroom. Of course, I thought it would just pass, and things would return to normal, but it was persistent. At 8am on the morning of Sunday 26th June we decided I needed to see a doctor.

Ines went to the front of our apartment building and saw a sign advertising a doctors office. Within minutes she was speaking to the doctor who said “I can come to you, but I will probably need to send him to hospital. If you can come to me, I have everything here I need to treat him”. So by 8:30am I was in the doctors office, being connected up. The doctor said that after a few days of losing fluids I would need them replaced. So he hooked up an IV and I started being re-hydrated and dosed up with electrolytes including lots of nice vitamins and minerals. He also gave me my first dose of antibiotics via the IV as well. I was amazed at how quickly we were seen and the doctor was able to give me the correct treatment for my condition. I tried speaking Spanish to the doctor, but he said “I can speak English, as I worked in Boston for a few years”.

I gave the doctor a complete history of what I had eaten over the previous 5 days, and he said “It was probably the Mayonnaise”. I had eaten Salchipapas (chips with frankfurter sausages) at a very nice cafe next to the Cathedral, and put generous amounts of Mayonnaise on the chips.

So I was there in the office for about an hour. The doctor gave me a full course of antibiotic tablets to take away. The cost: $60. It was so reasonable we didn’t contemplate claiming on our insurance.

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